Dedicated Priest Attacked by Homosexual Students

There is no limit to the intolerance and aggression of homosexuals. A kind and popular Roman Catholic priest at America’s George Washington University is now under attack from two uber-kweer students who deny his right to simply teach the doctrines of his church.


Father Greg Schaffer has won warm tributes from many students for his caring, sincere devotion to his work. They describe the lengths he has often been to to help the sick and distressed who needed his ministry. But now two malicious homo-extremists are calling for his dismissal, on the grounds that he thinks “gay” marriage is wrong. Wait a moment, isn’t that the doctrine of his church? Yeah. Isn’t that what the Pope teaches? Yeah. Isn’t that his democratic right to an opinion and his civil right to religious belief? Yeah. But in the tiny, enraged mind of a homo-extremist, there is no room for such considerations.

Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen are students who are both involved with Allied in Pride, an anti-Catholic homo-extremist organization that advocates abortion. After discovering the Fr Greg is opposed to same-sex marriage, they started a petition to get him kicked out. They say they will file a “formal complaint” to the university authorities and they are demanding that all funding to the Newman Center Catholic chaplaincy be withdrawn.

How is it possible to dismiss Father Greg when he has never done anything but his job? Easy. The uber-kweers have embarked on a campaign of whinging and melodramatic self-pity. They have branded Fr Schaffer “homophobic” (a fraudulent term) and are claiming that being anywhere near a “homophobe” gives students such as themselves sleepless nights and loss of appetite!!!!! Legacy claimed that learning of Fr Schaffer’s Catholic beliefs gave him “indescribable mental conflict”…!!!  With calculated histrionics they are playing up their palpitations, and acting convulsive sobs for the cameras….this is all standard kweer strategy. They are playing the victim. 

At the same time they are depicting Father Schaffer as a monster, who has no concern for their poor little feelings.  Of course they have no concern at all for his rights or the feelings of others who are bullied in this fashion. Taking offence is the new bullying. 

We think that Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen are vicious, selfish bullies and we would warn any  future employer against them. They are trouble-makers. Do not hire them, do not do business with them. They will harm your enterprise. 

Here is a link to a blog where students are putting testimonials about how they admire and appreciate Fr Schaffer –

>>>What  can you do to help Fr Schaffer? Write to the President of George Washington University, Stephen Knapp. You can do this via his Facebook page

 or use the contact form on

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