Scott Rose Demands Death Penalty for Traditional Marriage Supporters

The notorious LGBT activist Scott Rose who writes for Huffington Post has publicly called for those who oppose same-sex marriage to be killed.

He advocates murdering them without any due process or trial.

Scott Rose is the nasty intolerant thug who brought a charge of academic misconduct against Professor Mark Regnerus of Texas University just because he didn’t like the results of his research, which were unfavourable to same-sex parenting. Luckily, the charges were all rejected by the university committee that investigated it, and Mr Rose’s spiteful bit of revenge failed.

Rose (real name Rosenweig) is an extremist who asserts non-stop that anything LGBTs want is their “right”. Last week he wrote this comment on the LGBT website Stink News, which had reported the rally for Real Marriage in central London :- 

Scott Rose  9 DAYS AGO REPORT 

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“These Christofascists deserve to be nailed up on crosses and left to bleed to death. Society is NOT a heterosupremacist-theocRAT-only country club.”

This vicious outburst reveals Mr Rosenweig in his true colours. He is an aggressive psychopath who needs to be sectioned. He is a danger to society.

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40 thoughts on “Scott Rose Demands Death Penalty for Traditional Marriage Supporters

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  2. Larry

    This guy is obviously insane and extremely dangerous not only to others but to himself. He can rant and rave until he is blue in the face but that will NEVER make any difference in the Word of God. What he has not grasped is that God is our Creator.. God is the boss. God is the writer of all laws and rules. If God says that lifestyle is not right, is not of Him… then it is NOT Period… No manmade law will ever change the fact that same sex marriage is WRONG in the eyes of God ….. this guy has alot of growing up to do… He reminds me of a spoiled selfish kid that is stomping his feet to get his nasty way.

  3. AntrimReformer

    This is a shame and a disgrace unto free speech and civil and religious liberty.

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  6. Frank

    Do you have the source of his claim ?

    • clairethinker

      He wrote these remarks in Pink News.

      • Christopher de Vidal

        I could find no evidence he’d said this, either directly on the PinkNews site or through Google. Got link?

      • clairethinker

        I have put the link into the bottom of the article now.
        You will find similar examples of pathological hysteria on almost every comments page of Pink News and all similar LGBT periodicals. Psychopaths revealing their true selves when they think nobody else is listening.

  7. We all have a cross to bear ! but so many seek excuses in sin !

  8. Regardless of Religion being Gay is not a SIN, it’s Insane! because he need a Man to satisfy his desire,and a Woman to multiply his own kind.

    • clairethinker

      That’s not the point, we’re not talking about whether being homosexual is a “sin” – it’s the horrible bullying that needs to be exposed.
      It reveals his vicious mind.

    • Millard

      I don’t see it. Pointing out the fact that queers are intolerant of others while whining about tolerance hardly sounds like someone wanting to stone you to death. Grow up and get a life.

    • hokk

      Being homosexual is not a sin. The practice of homosexuality clearly is.

      • clairethinker

        We at VGB are not telling people that homosexuality is a “sin”. We are telling them that bullying is unacceptable. This website is about the way that LGBTs use horrible bullying to force their viewpoint on the rest of society. They complain about bullying, yet all the time they are the worst bullies.

  9. FM

    I suppose that Rose claims that society is a “homosupremacist-atheocRAT-only country gay club” then.

    And all who disagree should die.

    I see liberals and LGBT supporters are clearly a model for tollerance and freedom of speech…

  10. Mark Matis

    He better understand that can work BOTH ways.

  11. Guy

    I oppose same sex marriage and believe homosexuality is a mental illness. I wonder if this twisted little man will come and find me to execute me? I can only hope so…. I will show him why I have my concealed carry license after he gets the beating of his life.

    • ssg Caprock

      This is the reason why we have had to put up with gays in the military. These jokers whined about it until oblammy said lets open it up to gays. What is going to happen when these guys start being targeted by the enemy bacause they know if they get shot the odds are very high that the medic or fellow troops may be contaminated by bloodspray from a through and through gunshot. So then the enemy will kill 8 or 9 troops with one shot. The Medical Department Regiment was formed by George Washington and is the oldest regiment in the Army, and the motto is “To Comnserve The Fighting Strength”. This new policy of gays in the military completely shoots that concept in the butt. Does anyone out there know the incubation time of AIDS?

  12. What a flaming faggot! I’ll bet he jizzed his pants while embarking on this tirade.

  13. POA

    The legacy of unrestrained homosexual, ultra-masculine, self worship can be seen by visiting the death camps at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Dachau and others.

    Read “The Pink Swastika” by Dr. Lively. Very informative.

    It must always be remembered that the first victim of homosexuality is the practitioner himself. Disregarding the innumerable and sundry risks to the physical well being of these tormented souls, just look at the glaring self hatred that this fellow is projecting onto healthy, heterosexuals. One only need look at the diminished life expectancy, unacceptably high rates of suicide, alcoholism, domestic violence and drug abuse to see that what we are witnessing is the effect of a weak society, bereft of strong moral supports, enabling the most destructive choice of behavior that history has recorded.

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  15. fu

    well evidently being gay does make you mentally insane , cause anyone thats talks like that is insane and needs to be locked up.

  16. Gloria Gaske

    Wow what a fruit loop!!!!!!!

  17. Rebecca

    I find it kind of humorous in a twisted kind of way; think about it, Homosexuality is a sin which is written in the Bible, but as Christians we must love the sinner but hate the sin, so we must be nice to those people and pray for their lost souls as often as we can. You never hear us say Homosexuals must die for practicing their abominable lifestyle, but because we do not approve of their lifestyle because God does not accept it, they consider us full of hatred and judgmental, so we must die without due process or a trial because we will not stand down for his selfish, sickened needs and wants. He is the prime perfect example of why we should never have stopped spanking our children in the first place. He is sick in the head, and seriously needs some psychiatric help or to find someone and talk out what is troubling him in the first place, or maybe he needs to spend some time reading the word of God, but for us to persecuted for our beliefs is just wrong on so many levels, and I hope one day, and very soon, he will see the error of his ways. I feel sorry for Homosexuals; however, I do not push what I believe in on others if they are uncomfortable, he should not get all huffy and puffy because he is not getting his way. He really needs an old fashioned spanking.

  18. Mike

    Look, I’ll be honest with everybody, I’m NOT gay, I DON’T believe in what it is that I have always heard their about, I DON’T care what they do, that is something they themselves will have to deal with at judgment (not from us but from the LORD), but as long as they understand that they are not considering the respect from us tolerating their lifestyle in our faces, is not being reciprocated when they want to use the same title for their different union ! I can live with the fact that they want benefits together and beneficiary rights and all that stuff as a couple, but don’t disrespect what I have taken pride in when I called myself “MARRIED”, by wanting to use the same designation for their union ! Use your own word, name, etc. for your own style of being united ! My style of being united together is traditional, it’s historical, it’s sanctimonious, and it’s biblical ! ! Now, if your union can meet ALL those criteria, then your welcome to call it what it has been called since GOD named it, but if it doesn’t, STOP BOTHERING PEOPLE WITH YOUR BELLY ACHING AND GO LIVE YOUR LIFE (style), with your own designation ! ! ! !

  19. teawhy

    I have searched ‘Pink News’, which was referenced as the source for this article, and I can not find anything supporting Mr. Rose’s claims for this article. Can you please provide the direct source and link? I know many of us would find this information helpful.

    • clairethinker

      He wrote this in a comment on the article about Canon Chris Sugden. Sugden had expressed the view that imposing a policy of “gay” marriage on Third World countries in return for financial aid is wrong and is a form of neo-colonialism. Scott Rose responded with this pathological outburst.

  20. In ancient Israel, people like Scott Rosenweig were stoned to death.

    And by stoned I do not mean being placed in a chamber full of marijuana smoke.

    • clairethinker

      We do not advocate stoning or executing anybody. We at VGB despise people like Scott Rosenweig because they are spreading their hate through society and making polite discussion impossible.

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    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Appreciate it!

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