Tragic Death of Robert Fleeting

ROBERT FLEETING was a young man aged 23 who died in mysterious circumstances on 4th September 2011 at the Royal Air Force base at Benson in Oxfordshire, southern England.

Robert was a young newly-qualified RAF fire and rescue officer, who was engaged to be married to his girlfriend, Maxine Menhennet. On the afternoon of 3rd September 2011 he met her and gave her £300 to put down a deposit on a wedding-dress. Then they parted and she never saw him again.

Robert Fleeting

On the evening of 3rd September 2011, the personnel at RAF Benson went out to Henley, the nearest town, for a social evening in a pub. Robert was photographed there being happy, lively and full of high spirits. He was singing and dancing and telling everyone he was planning his wedding.

The whole group went home by taxi. At the taxi rank, on the way home, Robert was heard arguing with another airman named Ryan C—–n, a known homosexual. They were disagreeing and C—–n called Robert a “dickhead”. Later C——n  said that the argument was about transport home.

At some time the next day, 4th September, three servicemen reported Robert missing. They later said that they had gone to his room to find him because he had not turned up for his duties. But later it emerged that Robert had not been expected on shift at 8.30am that Sunday. And if he had been a bit late, why was it necessary for three people to go and look for him? They said they could not get into his room as the door was locked. They sent for an RAF policeman who climbed in at the window and found Robert’s body, hanged from the door release lever with one of the curtains. The window had been left open, with no signs of forced entry.

At some time during the day, the section commander’s wife called the outside emergency number, 999, but it is not known why.

The RAF police carried out a clumsy search, moving things and neglecting basic procedures. Later they could not even name all the people who had been present when the room was opened. There were four suicide notes in the room, which the police assumed were genuine. The notes were addressed to each of Robert’s parents and to his girlfriend, all saying the same thing, that he had committed suicide because he had discovered he was “gay”. Is it likely that a young man in love with his girlfriend and engaged to be married would have consented to homosexual acts? Of course not.
Robert’s socks were missing. They were never found. The police found a pair of broken scissors and a torn green tee shirt on the windowsill. They assumed these belonged to Robert. The family was telephoned at 15.30 in the afternoon of Sunday and told that Robert was dead, and that he had hanged himself. This was before any inquest or proper enquiry could be carried out.

Out of the ten people that were with Robert that last evening only three were formally interviewed. One of these was C——-n, who admitted that he and Robert had had a drink together with a female airman called Woods after returning to the base. Robert’s mobile phone was in C——n’s possession, and he gave this to the police but stated that Robert had left his room happy and cheerful. When questioned further he said that something of a sexual nature had taken place, but that he had never touched Robert. (How is that possible ?) C——n refused to make a written statement. He said he “could not remember” if oral sex had taken place.

The RAF police concluded that Robert had consented to a homosexual act and had then committed suicide. The Special Investigation Branch of the RAF and came to the conclusion that no other person was involved with this death. They jumped to the conclusion that it was suicide. They did not take fingerprints or swabs, and sent the t-shirt to be laundered without testing it for DNA.

Robert’s friends were all certain that he never had any homosexual tendencies. He had had many previous girlfriends and all confirmed that he was heterosexual.

A post mortem was carried out but this did not included testing for drugs. The report said that Robert’s body showed signs of scratching and sexual assault. There were traces of semen in the region of his anus and signs of bruising inside it. But before the family could learn any of this, the body was sent for cremation.

A month after the cremation, the post mortem report was released to the family, and was only then that they learned that there had been “signs of trauma” in the rectum area of the body and there were two punctate abrasions on the deceased’s right wrist.

The family then raised concerns that their son could have been date raped. Date rape drugs such as the GHB drug are widely used by homosexuals.  The last person Robert was in company with, C—–n, was a medic, who had easy access to drugs and understanding of them. But testing for date rape drugs has to be done within 24 hours of death, and no such tests were carried out on Robert. Homosexuals favour the GHB drug precisely because it is difficult to detect. It has disturbing effects on people, making them consent to sexual behaviour far out of their normal character, and it can also cause severe depression and later reactions. In some cases high doses have been known to cause death. The “punctate abrasions” on Robert’s wrist might have been signs of drug injection, or a struggle.

It later turned out that the green t-shirt had never belonged to Robert. The police never discovered who owned it.  Photographs showed that he had been wearing another shirt  on his last night out and this had disappeared, together with his socks. Neither has ever been found. Strange?…There were other anomalies. Robert was only 5’8″ tall and the door release lever was 6’6″ above the floor. His family questioned whether he could actually have reached to tie the curtain around it without standing on something. But no furniture had been moved.

The family has never accepted that Robert committed suicide. They do not believe that the suicide notes are genuine. Several weeks after the death, a fifth suicide note supposedly turned up in Robert’s old room but the family regard this, too, as a forgery. The idea that anybody would write five suicide notes is bizarre. Robert’s parents and his fiancéé still believe that his death was foul play and that the investigation was a cover-up. It looks very much as if Robert Fleeting was a VICTIM OF GAY BULLYING.

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One thought on “Tragic Death of Robert Fleeting


    THERE IS NOW NEW EVIDENCE –06/05/2013.
    new evidence that is being investigated by civillian police, has come out that Wife of Cpl Paul Williams – Samantha made the 999 call,asked too by him to get the CIVVY police to Benson camp once he was informed that the body of SAC ROBERT FLEETING HAD BEEN FOUND and to tell them them There was a suspicious death on the camp– (by his mobile) he then used the Army phone to call the relevant rank structure . —–WHY—– ???

    — this information was passed to us by samanths mother , who is, .Pauline Anne Badger BSc(Hons) MSc Sci, PG Dip Soc.Sci as former RAF. as she fears for her daughters safety .who has now went into hiding . ive informed the base commander at Benson of this,and was the RAF Police involved, to which he said “NO” I tried to inform the RAF POLICE , but they refused to talk to me, the base commander said he was looking after the Bench, what more do we want him too do?? … so the civilian police are looking at it ,.. PLEASE KEEP CHECKING FOR UP-DATES AS THE SUN NEWS PAPER HAS TOOK UP THE STORY OR IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION- MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS

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